How to Reduce Blood Pressure with Diet

Reduce Blood PressureIf you want to avoid the risks of heart disease, it’s important for you to know how to reduce high blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the major risks to heart disease in the world. Doctors have also linked hypertension to a number of cardiovascular diseases like aneurisms and strokes.

The reason why hypertension poses great risk for heart disease is that when your blood pressure is high, your heart needs to work harder to deliver blood to the rest of the body. As the heart pumps harder, it causes the arteries in your body to harden, leading to a condition called atherosclerosis.

Moreover, hypertension is known to contribute to congestive heart failure, kidney failure, and even blindness. Blindness occurs when veins in your eyes rupture due to the intense pressure in their walls. These conditions only increase the need for all of us to find ways to reduce blood pressure.

One of the best ways for reducing blood pressure is to have specific changes in your diet. Here are a few options for controlling high blood pressure.

Stay Away from Fried Food

Reducing high blood pressure starts by eating the right foods. There is a very high chance that what you eat affects your health, most importantly your blood pressure. One of the primary foods to avoid is oily foods.

Examples of these foods are fried meat, pork fat, and French fries, all of which have trans-fats – the unhealthiest kind of fat in your body. Trans-fats are very hard to dissolve and break down in your body; they accumulate and build layers of fat on top of tissue, causing blockages in veins and arteries that increase blood pressure.

Healthy Options

There are other foods that you can eat as substitutes to the unhealthy ones that cause hypertension. Eating foods that are high in fiber will contribute to lessening the cholesterol in your body. They also flush out toxins and clean your digestive tract.

There are also delicious foods that can be consumed frequently to reduce high blood pressure naturally. These include white meat from chicken and turkey, fresh fish like salmon and tuna, as well as herbs and spices that enhance flavor like oregano, garlic, onion, parsley, and chili.

Less Salt, More Veggies

Another blood pressure reduction method is by reducing your intake of salt and other salty foods like crisps, bacon, as well as chicken and pork skin. These have high amounts of sodium, which is not good for your heart. Other tasty foods that you may consume are margarine, vegetable oil, olive oil, dinner rolls, bagels, and pita breads.

Reducing blood pressure greatly depends on your diet. A proper diet coupled with regular exercise will help you attain normal blood pressures. If you want to live longer and healthier, the best way how to reduce blood pressure by eating less fried foods, less salt, and increasing your intake of lean meat and spices.

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    Even though, the healthy diet is important for maintaining the blood pressure levels, I am also on medicaitons along with the diet. I take generic benicar htc.


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