Natural Blood Pressure Reducers – Top 3 Foods

Natural Blood Pressure ReducersAre you looking for natural blood pressure reducers? Controlling high blood pressure can be a very stressful process, especially if you don’t have the resources to reduce it. Hypertension can be very dangerous, as elevated blood pressure can cause a variety of abnormalities such as heart failure, stroke, aneurysm, and even chronic kidney failure.

People who have high blood pressure often hate their diets for being so limited. They can’t eat this and they can’t eat that. Almost everything palatable is hands-off when you have high blood pressure.

However, diet plays a huge part in reducing blood pressure naturally.

There are certain foods that are natural blood pressure reducers, and they’re good food too! If you’re looking for natural ways to reduce blood pressure, here are three foods that are delicious yet healthy for you!

The Power of Pomegranates

Pomegranates have long been known to reduce blood pressure naturally. The juice of a pomegranate is loaded with vitamins, and it is certain components in this highly versatile fruit that are the key. In one study conducted in Israel, systolic blood pressure drops of about twenty percent were witnessed in people who constantly ate pomegranates.

A certain component in pomegranate is powerful enough to inhibit the action of angiotensin-converting enzyme, which is known to elevate high blood pressure. Pomegranates function very much like ACE inhibitors, except this special fruit can reduce high blood pressure naturally.

How Dark Chocolate Can Save Your Life

How can something that’s so sweet and so mouth-watering be used lower your blood pressure? According to scientific research, eating dark chocolate in small amounts can better the health of your heart as well as reduce blood pressure.

The secret in dark chocolate is flavonols. Flavonols can relax blood vessels, and in effect, cause your blood pressure to reduce gradually. Dark chocolate can efficiently reduce your systolic blood pressure by five points. It might not sound like much, but that can reduce your risk of having a stroke by up to ten percent. That’s more than enough reason to start munching on a dark chocolate candy bar!

However, one should take it easy when eating dark chocolate. It is rich in sugar and fat – two components that can elevate blood pressure and give you even more problems. Eating two small squares a day is enough.

Binging on Bananas

Bananas are known to be rich in vitamins and nutrients. They’re also good at giving you a burst of energy – perfect for when doing high blood pressure exercise. Just like pomegranates, bananas can inhibit the angiotensin-converting enzyme that causes high blood pressure. Two bananas eaten once a day can help in lowering blood pressure levels by up to ten percent.

Another component that makes bananas one of the top natural ways to reduce blood pressure is potassium. By getting extra potassium in your diet, you help your body get rid of excess sodium – a common cause of hypertension.

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