How to Lower Blood Pressure Quickly: 4 Fast Methods

How to Lower Blood Pressure QuicklyIt is understandable if you want to know how to lower blood pressure quickly, since hypertension often leads to fatal conditions such as kidney failure, heart failure, and stroke.

Knowing how you can lower blood pressure fast will surely make you less vulnerable to these life threatening conditions.

The easiest way to lower blood pressure quickly is by taking a walk.

Yes, it’s that easy. A brisk walk for about 15 or 20 minutes is perfect. All you need to do is incorporate this into your daily routine.

You can take a 15-20 minute walk in the morning then do the same in the afternoon. Over time, build this routine up to a slow jog – but be careful if your blood pressure is really high as too much intense exercise could put you at risk of a heart attack.

See, high blood pressure is more common for people who are overweight, so keeping your weight and health in check will make you stronger against conditions affected by blood pressure. Exercise is definitely the most natural method.

Another method is to regularly take slow, deep breaths.

Slow, deep breaths have shown to be effective in lowering blood pressure quickly and if coupled with exercise, is great for your body’s condition.

Here’s how you can do this properly:

  • First, inhale deeply in order to aerate your blood with the increased intake of oxygen.
  • Next, take about ten breaths per minute and this will activate the relaxation response.

Again, this has shown great results and is a proven way how to lower blood pressure quickly.

Eating certain foods also helps. This includes eating dark chocolates, garlic, and bananas.

Dark chocolates have large quantities of cocoa – the flavonoids in the cocoa help with lowering your blood pressure. Bananas, on the other hand, have potassium which helps regulate your heart beat and improve blood circulation.

The good thing is not only do these foods lower blood pressure immediately; they also provide other health benefits.

Additionally, drinking a sufficient amount of water can help.

Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses or 2 liters of water a day. However, stay away from carbonated drinks such as sodas, colas, and beers as they tend to increase blood pressure instead of decrease it.

To ensure you’re getting the right nutrients and vitamins in your diet, make use of a Hypercet blood pressure supplement. Not only will it complement your diet, but it is safer than taking addictive antihypertensive drugs.

These are just some of the many methods for reducing blood pressure. Exercise regularly, take deep breaths, eat healthy, constantly hydrate yourself, take a blood pressure supplement – quite simple tasks aren’t they?

However, no matter how simple they may be, they go a long way in protecting you from fatal and life-threatening conditions. They are also very easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Make sure that you try these methods for how to lower blood pressure quickly and with enough practice; it may lead you to a healthier, longer life.

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  1. Ahmed Ahmed

    Thank you for your kind help.
    I have BP and Iam using medication but what I want to know : is how to get rid of depression, contiuing thinking if it is not my problem I just think of others problems which may cause BP to raise.
    I do walk evey day but I think it is not enough so I want your advice please.

    Also how to control my dietry system thouth I do not eat much.Thank you again.

    1. Paul Wyatt Post author

      Hi Ahmed,

      Thanks for visiting the site. For your question on how to cure depression, visit There’s a lot of good advice there, which may help with your situation.

      If you’re afraid that your fears and constant worrying is raising your BP, have you considered some relaxation techniques, like yoga or meditation? I find it helps to clear my mind and keep more focused on what’s important.

      Not sure what you mean about controlling your “dietry system”. In any case, you can read this article on using a diet to reduce blood pressure.

      Hope that helps.


  2. Adrian Moore

    This is a very helpful article. I recently had my blood pressure checked and it was 137/87. I have been feeling dizzy, sluggish and sleepy during the day lately. I want to start taking precaution and take better care of my health.

    1. Jim D

      I have the same blood pressure as you – but I have had it all my life – boderline hypertension some say but I have led a very normal life and not done anything to fight high blood pressure. I am 63 and have done moderate exercise all my life – BMP is about 26. I think this article is excellent. Medicine will kill you eventually – seen it happen too often.

  3. jim miller

    my bp is always elevated some, normally around 150/95 +/-, but lately it’s been staying pretty high, 180/100. Been under a lot of stress, and dealing with depression and anxiety. I am also in constant pain from degenerative disease in my back and hip, with pain extending into my legs. I am unable to work, therefor I have no money or insurance and I can’t get a doctor to take me as a patient locally, and am unable to travel for health reasons, very far out of my area. I’ve tried everything to get it to come down. I feel so bad all the time. I guess what you are saying is i’m basically going to die soon.;

  4. nella

    I am a 70 year old female, been dealing with high blood and hypertension for years now, I do not do a lot of exercise because of neuropathy (from diabetics) but I would love to lower my bp.


    Im going to try it … I need to be below 145 / 90 … for my routine exam tomorrow, otherwise no work for me. I like the dark chocolate and breathing exercise. will try tomorrow before seeing dr.

  6. Michael

    I have high blood pressure and my doctor told me not to eat salt anymore, I have to try your remedy too hope it will help


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