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High Blood Pressure Remedies: Your Options

High Blood Pressure RemediesHigh blood pressure remedies can be divided into two types: pharmaceutical medications and natural blood pressure remedies.


• Diuretics

Diuretics are common remedies for high blood pressure. These medications make you urinate more, causing your body to get rid of excess sodium. Diuretics can also drain potassium content out of your body, so you may need to eat potassium-rich food to… Continue reading

Effective Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Natural Remedies for High Blood PressureNatural remedies for high blood pressure are one of the treatments that can be used for regulating your blood pressure. Aside from the usual medications prescribed by doctors, natural remedies are quite safe to use. Not only are they effective, they’re quite affordable too.

If you are seeking an alternative solution to medication, then here are… Continue reading

Best Herbs for High Blood Pressure

Herbs for High Blood PressureHave you heard about using herbs for high blood pressure? While it is true that there are many known maintenance medications available to help lessen your risk of hypertension, more and more patients are still searching for herbs to lower blood pressure. This is not a bad idea since taking medications all the time can affect the condition… Continue reading