Antihypertensive Drugs – 4 Kinds

Antihypertensive DrugsIf you have hypertension, taking antihypertensive drugs is a common solution to treat high blood pressure.

Thousands of people die from heart disease every year, and the most susceptible are those who are overweight and obese. Overweight and obese people need to lower their blood pressure, and one way to do this is by taking antihypertensives.

There are two general classifications of hypertension. You get primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. High blood pressure drugs focus on treating primary hypertension.

Depending on your circumstances, there are four main types to choose from.

1 – Diuretics

Diuretics act by increasing the urine output of your kidneys. They also inhibit the absorption of sodium in your kidneys, thereby producing dieresis. These hypertension drugs work best when you limit your intake of sodium-rich foods. You should also avoid eating salt.

Chlorothiazide, Bumetanide, Amioloride, and Acetazolamide are some of the diuretic drugs available.

2 – Vasodilators

These blood pressure pills work on your muscles in the body. When you take a vasodilator, your muscles start to smoothen or retract, which causes the blood vessels to dilate. When vessels are dilated, you experience a drop in systemic vascular resistance, thereby lowering hypertension.

3 – Cardio-inhibitory drugs

These drugs work by depressing the cardiac function. They decrease your heart rate, which subsequently decreases your cardiac output and arterial pressure. Cardio-inhibitory drugs reduce the work load of the heart, which also helps reduces its oxygen consumption.

More than improving your blood pressure, studies have shown that some cardio-inhibitory drugs also have a positive effect on certain kinds of heart failure.

4 – Sympatholytics

These high blood pressure drugs act on your sympathetic adrenergic nervous system. The nervous system plays a major role in regulating arterial pressure. Sympatholytics work by inhibiting the nerves near the heart, which decreases its sympathetic outflow. This results in decreased cardiac output and reduced arterial pressure.

Clonidine and Guanabenz are just some of the central acting sympatholytics.

Other than drugs

Aside from using high blood pressure pills, another proactive way to reduce blood pressure is to lessen the salt and fats in your diet. And possibly even try natural cures for high blood pressure.

Doctors will usually suggest diets when they prescribe specific drugs to treat your hypertension. It is important to take these antihypertensive drugs while maintaining a healthy lifestyle prescribed by your doctor or nutritionist.

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