How to Lower Blood Pressure Effectively

How to Lower Blood Pressure

Did you know that high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of death in the world? What’s worse is that you may have it without even knowing it! This is why it so important for you to know how to lower blood pressure and keep your heart healthy.

High blood pressure (or hypertension) is caused when the blood flows through your arteries at a higher rate than it should. This puts unnecessary strain on your body, making it a very serious medical condition to have.

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Generally, if your blood pressure is more than 120/80, then you have hypertension. To combat the disease and boost your health, here are some surefire tips to get lower blood pressure.

Prescription Drugs

Taking prescription drugs is a common way of lowering blood pressure. Make sure that you make regular visits to your doctor to monitor your blood pressure and to notify him of any side effects and conditions that may arise out of taking prescription drugs.

Afraid of the addictive and harmful side-effects of prescription medications?

There is another option.

There are various natural remedies that work just as well as medicine, but are far less taxing on your body. One example is Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula – an all-natural blend of key ingredients to improve blood circulation and keep your heart healthy.  You can learn more about it here.

Even better is to combine the use of modern medicine with a healthy lifestyle. If you persist on continuing with the same kind of way of life that you had prior to contracting high blood pressure, then there’s only so much that medications and supplements can do for you.

In fact, changing a few things in your lifestyle can actually be enough for you in how to lower your blood pressure. Some of the lifestyle changes include:

Losing weight

Studies have shown that blood pressure also increases when you put on weight. The same holds true the other way around: the more weight you lose, the lower your blood pressure will be. Coordinate with your doctor to come up with a target weight that you can set for yourself. Losing 10 pounds can actually do wonders on your blood pressure.

You will also need to check your waistline as well. Like weight, the bigger the size of your waist, the higher your blood pressure will be. Men are at risk of contracting high blood pressure if their waistline is wider than 40 inches, while for women, it’s 35 inches.

Proper diet

A proper diet for high blood pressure also needs to be followed. The meal plan focuses on reducing the amount of saturated fat, cholesterol and salt (sodium) in your food. As a good rule of thumb, choose whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products as good additions to your diet.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise will not only increase your chances of losing weight, but it improves blood circulation and strengthens your heart. Studies have also shown that regular exercise can stimulate the production of nitric oxide in your blood. This helps keeps your blood vessels open and prevent plaque build-up.

So what exercises should you do?

  • Cardio exercises, like jogging or cycling are the most effective. Try to keep your heart rate above 100bpm for at least 40 minutes every day.

Don’t like to run or cycle? No problem. There are some simple alternatives.

  • Engage in moderate sports activities like badminton, table tennis, and Frisbee. These are very enjoyable tasks that will keep your heart rate up for hours on end without you even realizing it.
  • In fact, simple cardiovascular exercises such as walking your dog, taking the stairs instead of riding elevators, and doing household chores can improve your circulation.

Whichever exercise you choose, the key is to stay active and have fun. This is possibly one of the simplest ways how to lower high blood pressure.

Stop smoking

Nicotine actually raises your blood pressure. If you cut back on the cigarettes, it may help lower your blood pressure.

Lessening the amount of caffeine and alcohol intake

While alcohol can be good for your body in small amounts, too much can actually increase your cholesterol and do damage to your system. The recommended amount is one drink daily for women and two for men.

If you’re not a drinker, there are other ways to lower high blood pressure. So there’s no need to pick up the habit. Caffeine, on the other hand, can spike your blood pressure, so it’s better to cut back instead of drinking several cups per day.

Stress reduction

Stress has also been found to increase blood pressure. There are 2 ways to deal with stress.

1 – Simply cut the stress causing situations out of your life. One example would be to turn off the notifications on your phone, when you’re off work or need to relax.
2 – Learn to effectively manage your stress by finding ways to help you cope with difficult situations. Things like massage, yoga, and meditation can help reduce your stress levels and your blood pressure.

According to scientific studies, meditation plays a huge role in preventing and lowering high blood pressure, because of its relaxing properties. It keeps the pressure of your blood under control, improves your mood, and makes you feel better about yourself. The simple act of closing your eyes and breathing deeply will produce a significant change in your systolic pressure.

Certainly, these tips for how to lower blood pressure involve certain sacrifices; but if it means living a healthier, longer, more rewarding life, then you owe it to you and your family to keep your heart healthy.

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  1. stuart

    Well after many years of being on medication for hypertension I am now normal 117/75 without medications, how did I do it, I went on a 10day fast (water only) it was the hardest thing I have done, but wow it was worth it, and I will do it again for health benefits.

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